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Property Clean-Outs

Property clean-outs are larger than the average bulk removal.  They usually require residential or commercial property full of items to be cleared out.  They occur due to a life changing event.

These situations are unfortunate as tenants are evicted or abandoned the property. People lose their homes due to foreclosure. Estates have to be dealt with after death or declaration of incapacity.  And business close their doors for good.

When that situation comes, the professional team of All Star Junk Hauling Services provide residential, commercial and real estate property clean-out services. Don't stress, we'll take care of the mess. Save your time and energy.

Foreclosure Clean-out

Have you acquired a distressed property?  If you're the real estate agent or the bank representative dealing with the foreclosure, you want to get it back on the market as soon as possible.  But before that can happen, you may need to deal with the previous owner's possessions left behind as well as  trash or resulting debris from damages inflicted upon the home.  As a bank representative, your job is lending and a real estate agent's job is selling. Our job is junk removal and hauling. Let's work together for a quick turnaround to get that property back on the market.

Estate Clean-out

In this scenario, one of two things has happened. A loved one has passed away or can no longer care for oneself and is being taken to a facility.  Dealing with either scenario is difficult enough without having to worry about what to do with their belongings.  We understand and we are here for you in your time of need.  We handle these situations with respect and empathy.  Typically we come in after the family has had an opportunity to evaluate what will be kept.  We donate what we can.

Eviction & Tenant Clean-out

If you are a property manager or landlord evicting a tenant, we can assist in the clean-out service on the day of vacancy.  We also can provide junk and trash pickup off the premises if items are unclaimed after allotted time expires. When a tenant's lease ends or they abandoned the property, you'll find yourself dealing with a tenant's leftover belongings, trash and debris.  As a property manager or landlord, you have enough to deal with that the last thing you want to do is clean up a mess. We're here to help to remove all that mess with efficiency.  In any event, it all comes down to this: the sooner you get rid of that junk, the sooner you can get it ready for leasing.  All Star Junk Hauling Services  can offer that quick turnaround.

Hoarder Home Clean-Out

Hoarding is a serious disorder that we handle with utmost sensitivity and empathy to all those involved, the hoarder and those affected.  This behavior usually has an emotional, physical, social, financial and legal effects for those impacted.  It can be an overwhelming, stressful, and anxiety-filled situation. You are not alone.  All Star Junk Hauling Services is here to help with the journey to a clean home and peace of mind. 

Commercial & Business Clean-out

Business clean-outs happen when there is no business anymore.  Whether it is relocating or complete shutdown, the building space where the business once operated, still needs to be dealt with and cleared out.  Sure you can get your employees to do that but they risk hurting themselves. Save time and your back.  All Star Junk Hauling Services is here to help with the process.  We will remove any remaining furniture, equipment, display fixtures, appliances, supplies and trash.  Commercial real estate agents and property managers, you may need commercial clean-out services to get the space ready for next tenants. See Construction Debris Removal and Commercial Junk Removal.

  • Office Buildings

  • Retail Stores

  • Restaurant, Bars & Other Leisure

  • Warehouse

  • Medical Centers & Other Healthcare

How To Get Rid Of Your Junk?

Call or Book Online

Got Junk? Call or schedule an appointment online.  Choose a date and time that's convenient for you.  We are here to work for you.

We Verify

We arrive ready to go.  We provide you with an estimate onsite if one hasn't already been given.  Tell us what you want gone and we remove your junk.

We Haul

We will get back to you ASAP to verify your 2 hour block for that day.  On the day of junk removal, we will call 30 minutes prior to appointment.

You Relax

Relax before we show up knowing you hired us. Relax as we work because you don't have to. Relax after we're gone because the junk is finally gone.

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